AhmadReza Zamani
(Member of the board)
Ahmad Reza Zamani is one of the founders of Dantek. He has a Ph.D. in mechanical engineering and is also a faculty member of Isfahan University of Technonoly. Dr.Zamani has been carrying out applied and interdisciplinary research and various engineering projects so far. Some of the projects are like design and construction of online measurement systems, design and implementation of the country’s marine monitoring and forecasting network, design of hydrodynamic laboratory and marine characteristics, modeling of Iran waters, design and construction of heavy-duty deep-water robots, Designing and manufacturing equipment able to operate in high-risk areas …. In addition to carrying out applied projects and national plans, he has a long history of management in research field, technology development and technology commercialization in the private and public sectors. His interest and that of the other founders of Dantek in the field of water and finding solutions for some of the water and wastewater problems in the fields of oil and gas, water and waste water treatmen and agriculture has been the main motivation to form a technology company of Dana Tajhiz Petro Ab.
Davood Saeedi
(Member of the board)
Davood Saeedi is one of the founders of Dantek. He has a Ph.D. in mechanical engineering and has more than a decade of experience in science and research centers and industry. Dr. Saeedi has played an important role in the development of forecasting models in the country’s maritime monitoring and forecasting network. He also has a background in designing and simulating applied equipment in the oil and gas industry, two-phase systems, microfluidic stops, designing pilots and installation systems, designing and manufacturing vortex and two-phase pumps, and managing research and development units in the private sector. He is currently focusing on the use of new technologies in the field of water and wastewater, oil, gas and agriculture with other founders, in the knowledge-based company of “Dana Tajhiz Petro Ab” to develop different products and utilizing them in the industry.

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