Dantek laboratory of nano bubble technologies

Nanobubbles are bubbles with a size of less than 200 nm that have their own unique properties and are widely used in various industries such as water and wastewater treatment, flotation, dissolution and gas injection. Due to their properties, these bubbles are very effective in injecting ozone or oxygen into the liquid and show a very high solubility and durability. Other applications of nanobubbles include fisheries, agriculture, mining, textiles, oil and gas.
The production of these bubbles requires the use of very special methods by Dantek Engineering Group with the acquisition of two-phase vortex technology and SVP pumps. For this reason, Dantek Group has created a nano-bubble laboratory in accordance with its expertise, to evaluate and test the production and application of micro-nano-bubbles in various fields. In this laboratory, two-phase vortex pumps are installed in different capacities to perform tests using the pumps.

Dantek Nano Bubble Laboratory Services

  • wastewater treatment test
  • Color removal test
  • Aeration and oxygenation of the fluid test
  • Oil seperation test
  • and a lot of other tests regarding nanobubbles

How to use Dantek Nano Bubble Laboratory services

It is possible to use Dantek nano-bubble laboratory services in person or even have in-direct services. Depending on the type of service you require, we provide the conditions for you.

Evaluation process in Dantek nano-bubble laboratory

  • Study Dantek catalogs
  • Select the desired industry
  • Specify the type of analysis
  • Send a schematic of the plant to Dantek Laboratory
  • Review by Dantek Group
  • Cost estimation by Dantek team
  • Tested by Dantek team
  • Sending the results to the applicant
Dantek Technical Group, by establishing a nanobubble technologies laboratory, has provided the conditions for the study of nanobubble-related technologies in interdisciplinary, new and applied fields.
If you want to visit or need to do any analysis in this area, you can send us your request.
For more information on the Micro-Nano Bubble Laboratory, click here.

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