Research and development

All stages of new idea creation, idea development, product design, engineering and experimental calculations, simulation of the new product manufacturing process, prototyping and proving the technologies all takes place in the Dantek R&D unit by using different types of expertise. Dantek R&D experts perform product design and optimization as well as considering practical solutions based on the needs of various industries such as water and wastewater industries, oil and gas industry, agriculture and fisheries industries in accordance with market requirements and national and international standards.

In addition to product design, manufacturing methods based on technical and engineering capabilities in the country, determining the necessary technical specifications for each part and determining their acceptance criteria are within the scope of this unit framework. On the other hand, the experts in this sector, taking advantage of the relationship with the market research and development unit and the sales department, are well informed of market demands and developments and changes in this industry with up-to-date information in accordance with consumer needs for new products and their development.

By employing M.A graduates and doctoral graduates and cooperation with professional specialists as well as being in contact with other research and academic centers, Dantek Group has been able to achieve significant success in the fields of two-phase vortex pumps, sensors and control systems.

Research and development capabilities

Regarding hydraulic design of two-phase vortex pump and its optimization, different designs have been studied until we finally designed the pump by considering significantly important criteria such as flow pattern, gas-fluid volume fraction, mixture pressure, turbulence intensity and other important parameters.

Designing practical systems using two-phase vortex pumps

The growth and development in the use of systems based on two-phase vortex pumps and the fields’ issues are of the main reasons of the activity of Dantek Research and Development Unit in the water and wastewater sector. Some of the proposed designs of Dantek Group in using two-phase Vortex pumps in various fields are as follows:

  • Oil separation systems from water
  • Wastewater treatment systems in livestock
  • Systems to remove unpleasant odors, turbidity and algae from ponds, pools and lakes
  • Odor removal system from wells, removal of heavy metals in water such as iron and manganese
  • Ozone disinfection systems
  • Aeration in lagoons
  • Washing systems in transmission lines in food and agricultural industries
  • Irrigation systems in greenhouses and hydroponic cultivation
  • Aeration / oxygenation system for fish pond water in semi-closed and closed circuit systems with the aim of reducing water consumption and increasing fish breeding capacity

این سامانه توسط گروه تبلیغاتی فورسی طراحی شده است و تمامی حقوق آن برای دانتک محفوظ است. 

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