Visit of managers and experts of Isfahan Oil Refinery Company

Dana Tajhiz Petro Ab Company has set up a nanobubble technology laboratory for the first time in Isfahan. In this laboratory, there is a space equipped with micro-nano bubble pumps and water tanks in different capacities.
At the request of visitors, different experiments are performed with different capacities of the pump, and the use of nano-bubbles is detected for visitors by using specialized laboratory equipment.
Due to the necessity of using bubbles produced by nano-bubble pump in DAF systems, Isfahan Oil Refining Company visited Dantek nanobubble technology laboratory located in Isfahan University of Technology.
Engineers and experts of different sections like project management،water recycling, refining engineering, general engineering and research and technology of Isfahan Oil Refining Company attended in this visit.
According to the experiments, it was approved that the research project “Use of two-phase vortex pumps with the ability to produce fine bubbles in the DAF section of Isfahan Oil Refining Company”  will be performed. The application of Dantek nano-bubble pumps in DAF system, ozonation and oil separation was also emphasized.

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