Visit of the director of fisheries and aquatic affairs with the aquaculture experts of Isfahan Jihad Agricultural Organization

Due to the significant impact of micro-nano bubble pumps in the aeration and oxygen supply process of the fisheries industry, Isfahan Jihad-e-Keshavarzi visited the Dantek nanobubble technology laboratory.
In this visit to Dantek laboratory, Mr. Abbasi, the director of fisheries and aquatic affairs of Isfahan Jihad Agricultural Organization, along with Ms. Tavakoli, the aquaculture expert, observed the performed experiments on how to produce micro-nano-bubbles by Dantek vortex pumps.
Due to the importance of aeration in the fisheries industry and the beneficial and, of course, obvious effect that Dantec micro-nano bubble pumps have on this issue, it was decided to officially introduce Dantec two-phase vortex pumps to the mechanization of Jihad Agricultural Organization after completing the administrative processes. While informing aquaculturists, the conditions of their purchase and use of these pumps in fish farms are facilitated.

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