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Stronger, healthier, and larger plants with nano-sized bubbles

The need for oxygen in water is of great importance for various industries, including the agricultural industry. The solubility of oxygen depends on its partial pressure in water. In addition, the rate of dissolution of oxygen in water depends on the temperature of the water. In the warm seasons of the year, when we see an increase in water temperature, the dissolution of oxygen in water decreases significantly. Maintaining a sufficient amount of dissolved oxygen in irrigation water is the easiest way to increase plant health. Using the capability of two-phase vortex pumps which produce micro-nano-sized bubbles results in maintaining a good amount of water-soluble oxygen. In greenhouses, the need for oxygen in saturated water and possibly oxygen supersaturated water is often important and of great need. Irrigation water with a water soluble oxygen content of more than 5 mg / lit is normally acceptable for plant health. Water soluble oxygen at 8 mg / lit or higher is also useful for greenhouse production. In situations where the amount of dissolved oxygen in water is less than 4 mg / lit, water is hypoxic and will be very harmful to plant health. Therefore, plant roots need oxygen for aerobic respiration, a process that releases the energy needed for healthy roots and plants to grow.


The advantages of using a two-phase vortex pump in the agricultural industry are as follows:

  • Increase nutrient uptake (better transfer of nutrients from roots to buds)
  • Healthier plant roots (prevention of plant root disease, elimination of pathogens)
  • Increased root mass due to higher oxygen levels in the root zone resulting in faster plant growth
  • Increase permeability in soil (increase in absorption of nutrients and more ions in solution)
  • Increased plant resistance to stresses due to poor irrigation regimes, disease, adverse weather conditions, poor nutrition
  • Increased salt tolerance in most plants without losing root and crop mass
  • No need for expensive chemicals such as fungicides
  • Reduce plant growth cycle time and more and faster plant production
  • Growth of beneficial aerobic bacteria and help eliminate pathogenic organisms
  • Improving irrigation water quality by controlling and removing algae and biofilm in plant irrigation lines
  • Increase plant productivity
  • Increase irrigation water efficiency

In the agricultural industry, the use of a two-phase vortex pump is applicable for the following:

  • Hydroponic cultivation
  • Surface and subsurface drip irrigation
  • Aquaponic
  • Irrigation of plants in greenhouses

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